Picture of child at Choba Calabash Trust


Community Projects Africa was set up in 2003 in response to a visit to Tanzania by CPA founder, Joy Skipper. Since then, CPA has grown in strength and relies on the support of a number of volunteers.

  • Joy Skipper - Trustee and Chairperson
  • Rebecca Demery - Trustee
  • Steven Gee - Trustee
  • Laura Clark - Trustee
  • Arlene Ferguson - Trustee

CPA works very closely with the Non Governmental Organisation, the Association For Community Empowerment and Development (ACEDE), in Tanzania. We believe that working with such a local organisation significantly contributes to the success and sustainability of long term community projects, ensuring that all projects are backed and supported by the local people. To learn more about ACEDE and their work in Tanzania, please do visit their website, www.acedetz.org