A Guide to Saunas Near In Denver

A sauna is a Finnish word that means “sweat house.” Saunas are built to heat and purify the air by trapping the heat of the sun and converting it into radiant energy. The ancient Finns believed that bathing in the sweat of others was one of the best ways to cleanse yourself and improve your health.

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Types of saunas

There are a few types of saunas. These include the traditional Finnish sauna and infrared sauna. 

Traditional Finnish Sauna: The traditional Finnish sauna is one of the oldest and most popular types of sauna, and it is still used today in many places around the world. This type of sauna features a wood-burning stove in the center of the room, and you will sit on benches around it while you sweat. 

Infrared Sauna: An infrared sauna uses heat instead of fire to heat up the room, and this makes it ideal for people who are sensitive to heat or who have skin conditions. 

How to Find a Sauna Near Denver

Here are a few ways to find the perfect sauna near you: 

1. Check out local directories or search engines. These resources will list not only the addresses but also the types of saunas available at each location. 

2. Check with local health clubs. Many members offer access to their facilities for use by the public. 

3. Ask friends or family if they know of any saunas that are off-the-radar. Saunas can often be found in secluded areas, so it's worth asking around if you don't see any listed online or in print directories. 

4. Take a look at sauna websites. These sites provide comprehensive information on all things sauna-related, including reviews of different models and locations around the country.