About Care Needs Assessment

Good care also involves finding care providers who treat the person and creating an environment that encourages independence and security.

First, determine the care needs of the person living with dementia. As much as possible, include the person with dementia in decisions about care. You can also get more information about to change assistance company online. 

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The amount of care required for a person depends on many factors. These include how independent the person can walk, eat, wash and use the toilet. 

In the beginning stages of dementia, the individual may be able to live on their own, but 24-hour supervision is required in the middle stages. In the late stages, round-the-clock care becomes more intensive.


Are the people living with dementia in a safe environment? What kind of supervision is required? Is supervision required for certain activities, such as cooking and using appliances? Do they require 24-hour supervision?


Do dementia sufferers need specialized care? Do they need medication assistance?


Does the person suffering from dementia require more care than they are receiving now? Is the person unable to bathe, dress, or groom themselves? Do you find caring for this person difficult? Are you able to physically provide the care required?

4.Social engagement

Does the person with dementia engage in meaningful activities throughout the day? Spending time with people with dementia would be a good idea.