All About Caravan Electrical Systems

Caravan maintenance may seem odd when you think about car maintenance, but considering the kind of maintenance you can do on your home regularly, it seems perfectly normal and makes a lot of sense.

In general, seven areas require periodic inspection and maintenance: exterior bodies, interior bodies, water systems and equipment, gas supplies and equipment, 240v electrical, 12v electrical, fire/safety, and chassis. You can also look for the best caravan electrical systems via

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From the body's point of view, it is primarily about the entry of water or its termination. Therefore, the focus of internal and external body control should be on the integrity of the body and the condition of the various seals. 

Moisture is one of the most serious problems with caravans and it is a good idea to run a moisture test with every routine maintenance.

The most important thing to check regarding the water system is the various filters and water pumps. In addition, the pressure switch should be checked and, if necessary, adjusted.

In a 240 V installed network, the residual current device (RCD), circuit breaker (MCB) and earth must be checked. In addition, the condition of all wiring and the operation of the electrical network of various electrical devices; And of course the charger.

In the case of a 12 V system, all wiring and street lighting functions should also be checked. The operation of the 12 V refrigerator should also be checked.