All About The Functions Of MultiPro Tailgate

GMC trucks can accommodate all your hauling and towing needs, whether you're dumping your boat ashore or working on home improvement projects around the house. 

To make transporting your goods even more convenient, choose the available MultiPro tailgate, which makes work easier and more enjoyable with different functions. You can also know more functions of the GMC multipro tailgate by visiting

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Function for completing the tough project

The MultiPro tailgate actually blends the abilities of two separate tailgates into one. The main tailgate is hinged as a standard door and has a smaller inner door that hangs inwards. 

With two separate panels, the tailgate can be used multi-functionally and reliably in the workplace at the same time. If you need to get something out of bed, lower the main and inner doors to make it easier to reach your belongings. 

Versatility for your weekend adventures     

If you drive your GMC truck more for fun than work, the MultiPro tailgate also offers the flexibility to suit your needs. Lower the inner gate, then open the inner panel to create a load limiter for longer items such as surfboards. 

With both doors down, unlock the inner panel of the inner gate and fold it into a 48-inch wide ladder that makes unpacking your beach gear more comfortable. 

The multifunctional tailgate is also available with the audio system, with which you can listen to your favorite music during tailgate parties with Bluetooth streaming or a USB connection.