Basic Information About Water Purifiers

Water is the main element of concern in the wild or in a living creature. In the human body there is 70 percent water. So we need to use pure and healthy water to contain all the minerals. Currently water quality is decreases day to day as it destroys natural resources and consumes more.

The wastage of industries unbalanced the chemical properties and changed the nature. We can say that it also affects the pH level of the water. Water has a pH of 7. Ideal value (less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 being alkaline) so the pH factor has a major role in water quality. You can check out water purifiers at

Vector flows and drops of crystal clear water of light blue color

TDS (total dissolved salts) also has a major role in water quality. TDS indicates the value of dissolved salt in it. We can measure TDS in ppm (particles per million). According to WHO (World Health Organization) level of less than 500 ppm TDS is good for drinking and health.

So, to overcome this problem, water purifiers come in the market with several design and technology. Water purifier has a different technology to Reduce / Increase the TDS level of the water. The Best Technology is as:

  1. RO Purification Technology
  2. UV Purification Technology
  3. UF Purification Technology
  4. RO + UV + UF Purification Technology
  5. Supplement Alkaline Technology