Best Wireless Car Charger

Playing with wires at your desk can be a nuisance and ugly but it can also be quite dangerous when driving. With the invisible car charger that is wireless all you need to do is put your phone in the back while the arm will then close around it, ensuring that you'll never have to turn your attention away from the road.

The invisible mobile charger was designed specifically for phones like the Google Pixel and other Android phones, however, it also can be used with iPhones. But, Android smartphones will be charged at 10W, whereas iPhones are only charged at 7.5W.

You can place this wireless charger on your car's dashboard or windshield using suction cups. There's a different version that can be attached to an air vent, or inside the CD slot.

If you own a Pixel handset, this latest wireless charger will provide the highest speed of charging. The Pixels Stand 2 delivers up to 15W of power for ordinary Qi devices, it's able to charge the most modern Pixel phones to 23W. That's similar to the power you get from a regular wired charger.

After pairing with your Pixel phone to the stand, you can utilize it to control the built-in fan which helps keep your phone cool when charging. The stand can also transform the Pixel into a photo frame, as well as a sunrise alarm clock that gradually brightens the screen to softly awake you before your alarm going off.

If you own a Samsung handset, the most powerful wireless charger available will be Samsung Fast Charge 2.0. After you have placed your Samsung phone onto the charger wirelessly it will flash with a message letting you know that you're receiving high-speed charging speeds.