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Protects the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from damage and scratches by covering it with a transparent, liquid plastic film. Ultra-thin laptops can cause permanent scratches by pressing the keyboard against the lid. You can cover the keyboard with a piece of soft cloth made of leather or fabric before closing it.

Protectors began as a thin and inexpensive self-adhesive polyethylene terephthalate film (PET). Phone screen cover offers little protection against impact and scratch resistance. Although some manufacturers offered PET sheets that could be cut by users to fit their phones, most PET sheets were pre-cut for specific models.

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TPU, which offers greater impact protection, was the next step. While YOU can absorb low-level impacts but not high-level ones, the gel-like feel of TPU increases resistance when users move their fingers across the screen. The protector can sometimes be dented by an impact, but it is flexible enough to recover its shape over time.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass was the first significant improvement. It was initially costly, but it offered high-level scratch and impact protection without compromising the screen's feel. However, custom cuts are required. The glass quality will affect the level of protection.

Liquid Glass

LSP is a unique liquid screen protection. LSP does not add a layer to the screen. Instead, it strengthens the screen. The end-user applies a silicon dioxide solution in alcohol to the screen. The alcohol evaporates and the silicon dioxide is absorbed into the imperfections and pores in the glass. The silicon dioxide bonds to the glass for 24 hours. This creates a stronger, flatter surface. It provides the same protection as tempered glass but does not alter the appearance of the device.