Detecting Potential Sewer Line Issues

Just the idea of sewer line trouble makes most property owners blench. Problems with a sewer line can be expensive, specifically if you don't detect a problem early on.

For homes that are designed by a city sewer, the municipality will most frequently care for and maintain the line running the length of the street.

Nonetheless, maintenance of the line that runs from the house to the street is in most cases the responsibility of the property owner. You can also hire sewer contractors in Los Angeles at

Causes of Sewer Line issues

The apparent and possibly most common sewer line issue is an accumulation of gloop that is created with the passage of time from the repeated flowing of the drains in the home.

A second possible risk to the sewer line is the roots of the trees that might disrupt underground sewer pipes making them crack or get clogged.

Older pipes utilized for sewer lines were frequently made from steel or clay, and hence are susceptible to corroding or cracking with the passage of time. As these issues can't be seen easily, here are a few signs that you might have a sewer line issue.

Water Level of the toilet bowl

When a sewer line is blocked, there might be inconsistency in the water level of the toilets. If the water level of the toilet is generally low, high, or just varies regularly, for your best interest, you should call a licensed plumber to check your line.