Different Kinds of Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Do you realize that the rabbit is among the most sought-after pet owners around the world? They are adorable and affectionate creatures that like to live close to their owners. You can also shop online for rabbit hutch & cage in Ireland via InTheMarket.

Housing of Rabbits - Exotic and Laboratory Animals - MSD Veterinary Manual

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In their nature, rabbits are lively, intelligent with curiosity, agile, and playful. They are great pets as they can be left alone at home during the day, provided that they have their companion.

There are many kinds of outdoor rabbit shelters:

A basic single hutch is a single-story hutch comprised out of wood. Its dimensions are 24×30 inches in length and feature an open door or roof.

The elevated single hutch is similar to a single hutch, however, it is elevated by 4 feet off the ground. This kind of hutch can be easy to clean and will protect your pet from predators.

Double-deck hutch: It's a two-story hutch which is a great space-saving alternative for pet owners since it can accommodate two rabbits.

Triple-deck hutch: It's a three-story hutch that can house three rabbits.

Deluxe hutch with run It's a two-story built hutch that has living quarters as well as a trap door that connects to a ramp for them to walk on and play.

Before you pick one of the above choices make note of the following aspects essential to consider in any hutch

Security from severe and unpredictable weather conditions. If you plan to put the shelter outside it must be durable and durable to withstand weather changes, including snow, rain, and the intense heat of the sun.

It must provide sufficient protection against predators. Choose a product that is sturdy and durable to guard the animals against predators such as dogs, cats, and wild animals.