Dog Box Supplies – Keeping A Well Equipped Dog Box

While using dogs to help you research can be a great addition to the experience, they can also be difficult to transport. If you have more than one dog it isn't practical to expect to fit them in the cab of your truck, or the backseat of your car.

Especially, if the hunter is with many people, or has several hunting supplies he's hauling with him, having a dog can be too much. The best bet for both the hunter and his four-legged companion is an “Alu dog box” (also known as “alu hundebox” in the German language).

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There are many varieties of dog boxes on the market feeding to the hunter's needs. While the most common boxes are that fit into the base of a truck, there are also trailers that can be attached to your car. These dog box trailers can be a very rough ride for your dog though, so they should only be used for short distances.

One thing that should always be used inside the dog box to ensure a dog's comfort is some sort of bedding. A blanket can be used, but some dogs have problems with eating, especially when their anxiety level is high, either from being acquired in a tiny space or simply because they know they are traveling for a day of hunting. 

If your dog has difficulty with destroying things, some type of wood shavings can also be used. A big mistake for the hunter is one who chooses no bedding at all. The ride in the dog box can be a bumpy and uncomfortable one; a dog can easily get worn out just from the ride and not have the energy to hunt, so their comfort is important.

With these few tips, a hunter can be sure that his four-legged hunting partner is safe and comfortable in transport to the hunting grounds.