Finding Basement Waterproofers For Older Homes

Despite not being the rainiest area in the country, basement waterproofing is a very popular service. States with older homes tend to be the busiest. 

A higher than average annual precipitation and the presence of large amounts of vegetation and roots in basements can cause problems for older drainage systems, which in many cases have not been serviced in decades.

Basement footer drains, which direct excess water away from the home, can generally be functional for many years. However, in some cases, drains may become blocked, cracked, or broken. You can also hire qualified experts for basement waterproofing through

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This can lead to basement flooding and water damage. Particularly in the northeast, hundreds of exterior drainage systems fail each month due to the presence of intrusive and fast-growing tree roots.

Combining broken footer drains and high annual rainfall creates the perfect environment for basement flooding, cracks, or mold to form. Although an older house can be a great investment, first-time buyers are more likely to face future basement waterproofing problems.

You should be aware of basement problems if you're looking to purchase an older home. This is especially true in the northeastern part of the state where flooding is common. You should inspect the exterior drainage system of your home for any signs of water damage.

Also, ask the owners or realtors if their footer drains were serviced recently and if there has been any flooding damage during the rainy season. Many new homeowners are unaware that basement waterproofing is needed until after a flood occurs.