Follow safety tips for glass furnaces

There are tens of thousands of glass furnaces that are used safely in schools, homes, and professional studios around the world. By taking the time to understand your furnace and apply common sense, you can avoid trouble and make your glass craft safe and enjoyable. Here are some tips for glass furnaces to keep in mind.

It is advisable to ensure that pets and young children stay away from the incinerator while shooting. Stainless steel liners and other equipment in the oven will be hot enough to burn the skin when the oven is on, so care must be taken when working near the oven. You can checkout kiln forming through

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Protective gloves should be worn when opening the oven door when the oven is hot because the release of hot air from the oven chamber can ignite. Never insert metal instruments into the oven while it is on and be careful to touch the oven elements because they can cause electric shock if touched.

Baffles on many oven models protect the oven operator from jolting when the mandrels are inserted; therefore, do not insert mandrels into the oven with the deflector removed. Always remove the oven before touching the electrical components of the oven.