Get To Know About Shockwave Therapy For Chronic Pain In Edmonton

If you suffer from chronic pain, there are some alternative treatments that are actually worth a try. For example, shockwave therapy is based on rapid frequency vibration and can deliver discomfort without the use of injections or anesthesia. 

Shock therapy in Edmonton is a painless treatment that uses sound waves to break up and destroy the proteins and other material that cause pain in the body. It's been used for decades to treat a variety of conditions, including chronic pain. 

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There are several ways to deliver shockwave therapy, including the use of ultrasound, electricity, and radio frequency waves. Each type of treatment works a little differently and has advantages. Ultrasound is used when no real-time control over the energy source (such as an electrical generator) is available. This method uses small amounts of energy to break up and destroy the proteins that cause pain throughout the body.

A combination of both types of shockwave therapy can be prescribed, depending on your condition, so always talk with your doctor or therapist about which shockwave therapy treatment is best for you. 

In general, this kind of therapy only works when given to people who have very active muscles or chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or tendonitis caused by repetitive stress.

Studies have shown that shockwave therapy can be effective when used in combination with other treatments, such as medication or physical therapy. If you’re considering using shockwave therapy to treat your chronic pain, be sure to speak with your doctor first and see what would be best for you.