High Blood Pressure Treatment Strategies In San Antonio

When blood moves through blood vessels it exerts a force upon the wall of blood vessels, a process known as blood pressure. If blood pressure remains high, blood vessels may be damaged and result in life-threatening complications such as heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure treatment in South Texas is initiated when a person is diagnosed as having hypertension.

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If an individual's BP is higher than 140/90 at two separate times and two times, they are identified as being hypertensive. The good news is that hypertension can be managed by a variety of methods. Of course, there exist medications that work in the treatment of hypertension. Anti-hypertensive medications are usually prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with hypertension. What are the various available medications for treating hypertension?

Diuretics are among the most popular type of medication used to treat hypertension. Diuretics trigger frequent urination to ensure that the excess water and salt within the body are eliminated. After excess water and salt are eliminated the blood pressure drops and the heart will be able to efficiently pump. Diuretics may cause negative effects such as dizziness, dehydration, arrhythmias, muscle cramps and more.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are an additional type of medication that is prescribed to combat hypertension. ACE inhibitors function by dilation of blood vessels, which results in a flow of blood as well as a reduction in pressure of the blood, as well as a more efficient exercise for your heart.