How to Draw a Manga Illustration in Five Easy Steps!

Manga is another name for Japanese comics. Manga is a popular Japanese comic that has brought in billions of dollars. There is something for everyone, from the child-friendly Pokemon to the more serious and mature Sanctuary. It covers many topics: romance, action, and comedy, as well as adventure. This is why Manga is so popular. Many people also want to make their own Manga illustrations. You can also buy manga via known as acheter des mangas via in French). 

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Follow these steps to learn how to draw Manga properly.

1. Make sure you have all the supplies that you need. You’ll need all the materials you will need to complete a Manga drawing lesson. You’ll need to practice drawing on multipurpose white paper and lots of #2 pencils, as art supplies can be costly. You will also need a ruler, an eraser, and a sketch pad.

2. Learn the basics of basic shapes. To construct Manga, you must be able to draw accurately and learn the basic shapes. The head is the most challenging part of the figure and can take the most time. You might consider buying a Manga drawing book at a local bookstore, or an online tutorial. You can practice drawing cones, cubes, spheres, and cylinders.

3. Begin with an oval. Once you have an understanding of what supplies you will need and the shapes that you will be using, you can start to draw. This is our step-by-step strategy for manga drawing success. Begin by creating an oval shape for your head. Then, trace the outline of the head by connecting a simple line for the body. Make sure it’s at least 6-7 feet tall. Next, add cylinder shapes for the joints, arms, shoulders, and legs to the body. Connect the joints by adding facial details and other fine details.

4. Focus on the eyes. Manga drawing is all about the eyes. Begin by drawing an upward curve for your upper eyelid. Next, draw diagonal lines that reach a point. Draw a circle in the eye to draw the pupil. Make sure the eyelashes and pupils follow the curve of your eyelid. Add eyelashes and an eyebrow to darken the pupil.

5. Finish the last touches. Final touches will be applied to the face of your manga character. Divide the circle into three parts using simple straight lines. The circle will have a chin if you draw a line beneath it. Draw your nose along the second line and below it, your mouth. Finally, erase the lines and add facial details.