Office Massage Chairs for Back Pain Relief

Back pain while seated is a very common problem for many people today because the act of sitting puts an increased amount of pressure from the spine on the nerves and muscles that surround the spine. Getting relief from this pressure is not easily accomplished unless you just stand up to relieve this pressure.

Being an office chair designer and professional, I have explored many ergonomic office chairs since my start in the office furniture business in 1992.

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To this point in time, many cool products have been designed to offer back support in the lumbar area as well as some chairs that take stress off of the back with different seating angles and back shapes and even a heated massage. However, I have found none that actually offered both a hot and cold option of therapy that was built into an office chair.

Many medical professionals endorse cold therapy to reduce swelling of the muscle tissue that surround the area of trauma in most all injuries not just back pain. Usually after 2 to 3 days of cold therapy the swelling will be reduced then heat therapy is recommended to relax the muscles and nerves surrounding the area of pain.

Chiropractors and Physical Therapist seem to be all over this concept of hot or cold gel pack therapy for back pain. Ergonomist seem to have designed and suggested many support systems for back pain reduction to chair manufactures.

The two concepts have not made a convergence to create the ultimate seating solution for back pain and therapy for back stiffness while seated. The two industries seem to have disconnect as to what is really needed for the ultimate back chair for those who suffer from pain while seated.