Quick Guide To Car Detailing In Edmonton

There's no doubt that we have a love affair to keep our cars as clean as possible! Unfortunately, your car is exposed to the environment every day. From road debris, weathering, salt, dirt, dust, water, sun, smog, and many more.

When discussing exterior details and car paint, the most important thing is to be careful when painting to avoid scratches and turbulence. You can find more information about the best car detailing in Edmonton via https://jrsautodetailing.ca/auto-detailing-detail/.

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When you wash your car, you're rubbing that dirt and grime onto the paint, which acts like sandpaper and then creates scratches and swirl marks. Therefore, you have to remember that anything that comes in contact with your car's paint must be very soft.

You also need to protect your car from bad weather. A good place to start is by parking it in a garage or under a carport, although this is not always an option. Always make sure your car is coated with paint or wax to prevent environmental impact.

First, apply a good paint sealant to your car. Then apply a nice wax coat. You need to apply wax regularly because carnauba wax only lasts 3 months on average if a good coat of paint lasts 8-12 months.

This will solve a few things. This makes it easy to remove bird droppings and other debris without damaging the paint, prevents the paint from oxidizing, and makes the paint look very wet/deep/slippery depending on the wax.