Regenerative medicine in New Jersey – Current Therapies and Future Directions

The loss of organs and tissues due to injuries and diseases drives the development of treatments that can help restore tissues and reduce dependence on transplants. Regenerative medicine, a multidisciplinary field that combines concepts from life sciences and engineering to encourage regeneration, could help restore injured and diseased organs and tissues. If you are in need of such a treatment then you can get in touch with the #1 regenerative medicine company in New Jersey.

Since the start of this field some years ago, a variety of regenerative medicine techniques such as those for applications in orthopedics and wound healing have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and are now available commercially. These treatments and other regenerative approaches that are currently being researched in both clinical and preclinical environments will be addressed in this overview.

Specifically, the latest developments in the manufacture of advanced grafts and tissues mimics as well as technologies for integrating grafts and the vasculature of the host will be addressed.  We also propose ways to improve the current and future treatments for regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine holds the potential to regenerate or repair organs and tissues that have been damaged due to age, disease, or trauma, and also to correct congenital deficiencies. The promising preclinical and clinical evidence has demonstrated the potential to treat chronic illnesses and acute trauma, as well as regenerative medicine to help treat diseases that occur across a broad range of systems, organs, and settings that include dermal wounds as well as cardiovascular disorders.