Several Types Of Corrugated Boxes

Due to the existing restrictions due to the coronavirus, many users order their basics online. If your business ships groceries, prepared meals, and other necessities, make sure you have the correct corrugated boxes and containers to move your items safely. 

You can find corrugated cardboard boxes used in the food industry for a variety of purposes, from shipping groceries to containers for export. Read on to learn more about the different types of corrugated cardboard and how they can be used in custom shipping supplies at

The Different Types of Cardboard - Small Cardboard Boxes

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Corrugated cardboard boxes are made of corrugated iron. Stacks of corrugated cardboard are trimmed, cut, and folded to make cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. For more stability, the adhesive is applied to corners and creases. In the upcoming paragraphs, the types of corrugated cardboard commonly used in packaging and shipping are described, let's have a look at them.

Food for one person:

One-sided cardboard only has two layers, the top layer, and the corrugated layer. It is not as strong as other kinds of corrugated boxes but is often used in cardboard boxes for extra softness.

Single whiteboard:

Single wall corrugated cardboard is the most common corrugated cardboard. When someone talks about corrugated cardboard, they are probably referring to this style. It consists of two outer panels and a middle layer made of corrugated media.


The double-wall has two layers of corrugated cardboard and three layers inside, which makes it very hardwearing.

Triple wall:

Triple walls, strong enough to be used instead of wooden boxes. Three-ply cardboard makes this corrugated cardboard a reliable choice for shipping chemicals or goods that require special handling.