Small Businesses Computer Networking Solutions

Most of the fundamentals of small business computer networking come from the world of physical transportation. Some examples of these terms are ports, hubs, bridges, switching, and routing.

However, this comparison cannot be justified, as networks play the same role in the explosion of the information age as transportation in the industrial age. Both computer network management in Charlotte and transportation systems require excellent infrastructure.

computer network management

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Computer networks connect computers:

The most basic form of computer networking re-connects two electronic data transmission devices between them. The third device only helps data communication. However, connecting the printer to the computer with a USB cable is not called a network. It is part of the network when it is connected to a router or switch.

The biggest benefit is file sharing:

Sharing files is perhaps the most talked-about component of computer networking basics. File sharing is simply a central grouping and organization of data files on a network server. Having all your data files in one place makes managing documents and data easy.

Printer sharing saves time and money:

The second essential component of the basics of small business computer networking is printer sharing. This saves a lot of money and time that you will spend on buying and maintaining the printer. A printer connected to a computer network has more functions than a printer connected to an individual computer.