Surfing in Singapore at Wave House Sentosa

If you feel like you can't surf in Singapore, think again. Wave House Sentosa has been leading the sports crowd in Sentosa Singapore since mid-2009. Looks like, they are growing in popularity!

Wave House Sentosa is the fourth and final installation in the series, which can also be found in South Africa, California, and Chile. Surfers, skaters, skim boarders, and even snowboarders now have a place in Singapore to indulge their surfing addiction. You can search more details about Pullman homes floor designs through

Surfing in Singapore at Wave House Sentosa

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The newest addition to the Wave House series is located on the sandy beaches of Sentosa. Although not as famous as Resort World Sentosa, it is worth a visit.

Lots of surfers pass through Singapore on foot to the perfect beach waves in Southeast Asia. While Sentosa Island remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore, it doesn't have the waves surfers want.

The main attraction of Wave House Sentosa is "The Wave". These are full waves that can give you waves up to 10 feet which is great news for surfers. What is more important than this facility is even though it was destroyed. You will be standing soon.

Wave House attracts many local singers in Singapore, skaters, skimmers, and even snowboarders. They all flock to Sentosa in search of perfection in swift waves.

If you think Wave House is just for surfing then you need to think again. This restaurant also offers great food and drink and is one of the coolest places to party. You can go surfing, relax, dance and DJ and go live while meeting like-minded people at the beach bar.