Instagram GIFs stickers for Your Instagram Stories

Instagram GIFs are the best ways to do brand awareness of your businesses and to create perfectly branded Instagram Stories that are guaranteed to delight your followers! While adding photos or videos you can add GIFs on them, these GIFs let you express yourself in creative ways. Here is the step by step guide for making your own GIF stickers. If you want to know about Instagram gif stickers you can check out various websites online. 

To make your own GIF stickers, the first step is to become a verified Brand on GIPHY. While becoming a verified brand because of the verification process it is not sure that you will become a verified brand on the same day. It is a long process and it will take some time.

Also, according to Giphy, they don’t allow artists to upload commercial work for brands to their own profiles, so if you want to create your own Instagram Stories GIFs, really your only option is to apply for review.

One Giphy to create a brand channel and click on “Log In” in the top right corner of the homepage, and after that select “Join Giphy”.

After joining it you will find an option at the bottom to “Join as an Artist”. You have an option to submit your details, including business information and contact information. 

When you’re done, click on “Apply Now”. After Upload Your GIFs to Giphy. Once you are approved, it’s time to create and upload your GIFs!

In the next step test on Instagram GIF Stickers and use them in your stories.