Why Is Good Filtration Important?

The integrity of a spray booth filter system is crucial to:

Ensure a high-quality paint finish

Comply with health and safety regulations and protect your employees and the environment from harmful vapours and gases. You can navigate online if you are looking for efficient and advanced industrial finishing solution in CA.

Maximize the lifespan of your spray booth

If your spray booth isn’t properly sealed, and there is poor airflow, contaminants will enter the booth, clog the system and compromise the standard of your paint finish. Ineffective extract filters allow chemicals to pass from the booth into the workshop, exposing your employees to hazardous air pollution.

Various types of filters for sprayers:

Inlet / inlet filters

Spray chamber inlet filters remove dust and particles at the entry point to avoid contaminating your coating residue.

Extract filter

As the name suggests, the exhaust filter removes excess vapors and solvents so the air that comes out of your cabin is filtered and clean. The number and location of exhaust filters depends on the type of spray booth you have.

Cardboard filters for concerts

This is a great combination with an accordion design that serves two purposes. It folds tightly for easy storage and has a large surface area for optimal filtering. Concertina filters have a high color retention capacity and last up to five times longer than glass or polyester fiber filters.

Filters for ceiling entry

If your spray booth uses a ceiling-to-floor pull-down airflow system, you will need a ceiling inlet filter. These filters need to be replaced less frequently than filters designed for cross-flow cabs.