Tips For Renting The Perfect Bounce House

It can be very difficult to plan a birthday party. There are many options. A bounce house rental is a great way for any event to be celebrated. You can also search online for ‘inflatable sports for rent' ( also known as ‘deportes inflables en alquiler’ in the Spanish language) via various websites.

1) How old is your inflatable rental? Many companies rent used and dirty bounce houses from larger companies to save money. Reputable companies constantly purchase new inventory to replace old, worn, and dirty inventory. Ask about the age of the rental bounce house you are going to receive for your special event.

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2) Are they responsive to calls? Customer service is key in the rental industry. Many companies treat this business with a low standard of care. As the event draws near, small and unreliable companies may stop returning calls. 

From the beginning, make sure you are satisfied with the company's customer service. The way you are treated from the beginning is a sign of how trustworthy your company is.

3) What kind of inflatables do they offer? Rental companies often rent water slides or bounce houses. Combination units, which include both a jumping and sliding surface, are more popular with larger companies. 

Although these inflatables are more expensive, smaller businesses can't afford them. Renting a combo unit gives your guests more entertainment, and allows for hours of sliding and jumping.