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There is a growing trend for learning centers to be seen as better places to get good grades than public schools. Key drivers include the higher salaries teachers can earn by working elsewhere and creating a culture in the minds of parents and students that only a great training center will get them good grades.

Be it homeschooling provided by trained home teachers or an after-school coaching center, it is sure to increase student effectiveness. To find out the best tuition center in Jurong West, you can visit

This raises two puzzling questions that have very simple answers: why do these teachers do this, and why do the same students want to study the same subjects as they do in the morning? The answer is clear and interesting. 

The second type of teachers is those who have adequate qualifications and are either frictional or structurally unemployed. The element of unemployment encourages this educated class to supplement their job lists with home or private student education. 

Second, the culture instilled in young students and their parents focuses on the fact that learning is the only source through which assessment at any level and in any subject can only be enhanced through additional training sessions. 

This culture arises from the increasing number of students receiving additional coaching and the increasing availability of coaching centers.