Back Injuries and the Healing Process

A back injury can cause serious problems for your health. A bad back can make it difficult to get up, go to work, or do everyday household chores.

Because our spines are so worn and damaged throughout our daily lives, back injuries can cause long-lasting pain. You can also check out here  to get more information about back injuries relief.


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What are the causes of back injuries?

Activities that cause back injuries are often stressful. These activities include lifting heavy objects, falling, or taking part in sporting events.

Your back may be swelling if it is in the acute healing phase. After the injury, this stage of the back injury occurs. The inflammation can last for up to 4 days after the injury. Your body is trying to heal itself. It is important to rest while your body heals and to wait for swelling to diminish. This initial stage is best if you can move slowly.

Next is the sub-acute stage. This stage can last from four to twenty-one days. This stage is when your body starts to grow new tissue and capillaries. Your injury is still being repaired by the scar tissue that was formed in the acute stage. Although the swelling should recede, it is important to not touch your lower back.

Your back injury should not last beyond the sub-acute stage. You may need to consult your doctor about treatment.