Role of HR in Facilitating and Developing High-Performance Teams

As a key strategic function, HR can facilitate teams for High-Performance and achieving superior quality benchmarks at work. The Human Resource department in any organization plays a key role in driving employee-centric functions and motivates the teams by driving various functions strategically. 

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The key amongst them includes recruiting the right talent pool, competence building and training, facilitating superior outcomes or achievements by aligning it with incentives or pay.

The key roles of HR in an organization for Motivating and Facilitating High-Performance Teams have been described below:

  • Selecting the Right Talent Pool and Facilitating Team Cohesiveness: 

Since managing diversity can be very challenging, the onus is on the HR team to see to it that the diverse teams work collaboratively and have proper conflict resolution mechanisms in place. Diversity management as an important function of HR is focused on enhancing opportunities for the employees, empowering them to contribute innovatively and making them feel valued as a precious resource in the organization.

  • Resolution of Conflicts

High-performance teams unlike regular teams have conflict resolution systems in place and can resolve conflicts more constructively. Conflicts can stimulate prosperity and growth for an organization when addressed positively and constructively. Conflicts can unleash several opportunities by presenting challenges, strengthening the collaborative mechanisms for problem-solving and motivating the team members to demonstrate their “Out of the Box Thinking” capabilities.

  • Foster Collaboration:

The HR function can facilitate and foster collaboration amongst the team members for working collectively towards a common goal. By implementing best practices and bringing together the diverse competencies as well as experiences of the team members, the HR teams drive optimum employee performance and motivate the high-performers.

The key focus of HR in the present business scenario is to measure the outcome of various performance initiatives by establishing evaluation metrics and a smart performance measurement framework.