The Ultimate Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing A Sherwani

When it comes to wedding attire for men, Shervani is always the best choice. Without a doubt, it is one of the most enduring and safest menswear choices since time immemorial. And of course, it also works as the Indian counterpart to the top coat.

With the latest western sherwani design for men, you can find highly embellished, mock-maharaja versions, which are the most appropriate outfit for Indian grooms. The new choices include a sleek and modern style, which can be worn at any other occasion except the wedding.

Given below is the ultimate guide to wearing a sherwani, providing you the perfect opportunity to dress up and pare it down with ease:

Blue Steel look:

A finely tailored sherwani will do the trick. Opt for shade in Prussian Blue, and pair it with Kurta in the same shade, along with trousers in jet black. Get a pair of dress shoes in brown or black to complete the outfit. To complete the classic gentleman's look, add a pocket square.

Runway look:

If you are looking to put a touch of individuality in your attire, you can opt for a sherwani, as a band-collared long coat. You can pair it with smart trousers, slim jeans, or even loose slacks. To complete the look, you can alternate between leather boots, dress shoes, or even smart loafers. Play with prints, or block colors that suit your personality, as it is the latest fashion for men. However, in the end, ensure that you do have the confidence to carry it off with ease.

Monotone Magic:

Do you love bling but hate sporting chunky jewelry? Here is the perfect alternative solution for your man's jewelry. Opt for tone-on-tone textures that trump gaudy embroidery, on any given day. Pair this attire with volume pants and slick brogues, to complete the whole look. Don't forget to throw in a simple pocket square.