Things To Know About Family Law In Honolulu

Many people wonder what their rights are when it comes to marriage and divorce in Honolulu. This article discusses the things to know about family law in Honolulu.

What is Family Law in Hawaii?

Family law in Honolulu refers to the legal system that governs relationships between people who are married, divorced, or have children. This includes matters such as child custody, child support, and spousal abuse.

Honolulu has a system of family law that is based on the principle of mutuality. This means that both parties must agree to go to court for a resolution of their disputes.

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Types of Family Law

There are a variety of types of family law in Honolulu. This includes legal separation, divorce, annulment, and child custody.

Legal separation is the most common type of family law in Honolulu. This is when two people who are married but no longer live together decide to live apart but still remain legally married. They may continue to share custody of their children or not.

Divorce is the second most common type of family law in Hawaii. This is when a marriage has ended and the parties no longer agree on how to handle their legal relationship with each other. In most cases, one party will get custody of the children and may have financial obligations to the other party.