Three Possible Causes for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is defined as endometrial tissue growth in areas outside the uterus. This might be around the uterus, bowel, or lining of the pelvic cavity. You can take the help of the Endometriosis Association as they provide you the best support of treatments, education, and resources regarding your endometrial disease.

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So far, no one has conclusively proven the reason for endometriosis, but there are two major theories.

1. Backward menstruation

2. Hereditary Aspects

Backward Menstruation

Backward menstruation can also be referred to as retrograde menstruation. This is the point where the lining of the uterus is shed during the period, then a number of these menstrual fluids flows backward into the fallopian tubes rather than typically exiting through the anus. The fallopian tubes permit the menstrual fluid to trickle to the thoracic cavity so the menstrual fluid sticks to anything it comes in contact with and begins to grow.

The Hereditary Element

It has been discovered that endometriosis appears to run in families, thus indicating a genetic connection. The theory goes that some households might have a hereditary risk factor that enables abnormal cells to develop in the pelvic cavity.

Things to Do

Normally, endometriosis causes pain throughout the time of period, but for a few, regrettably, it can be continuous pain. In case you've got painful periods, pain in the pelvis, pain when ovulating, IBS, bladder pain visit your physician to find out whether it's endometriosis. If the physician finds that the reason for the pain is endometriosis, your physician can then suggest a strategy.