Tower 12’s Drinks Menu

There's nothing better than sipping on a cold beer or glass of wine while hanging out with your friends or watching the game. 

You go to the bar when you want a good time, and it only seems natural that they might be able to suggest some tasty drinks to enjoy. You can see online for more information about  tower 12 beverage menu.

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Tower 12 is a great place to go for a drink, and they have a great selection of beers, ciders, and cocktails. Here are some of the best beers that they offer this year.


Tower Porter is a dark ale with a sweet flavor and smooth texture. It has 5% ABV and is perfect for winter beers.

Belgian Wit:

Tower Belgian Wit is a light, refreshing beer with a sweet taste and fruity character. It has 4.8% ABV and is perfect for summertime drinks.


Tower IPA is one of the most popular beers at Tower 12. It has a hoppy taste with 6.5% ABV and will leave you feeling energized after drinking it.

Brown Ale:

Tower Brown Ale is a dark, full-bodied beer with a roasty flavor and rich texture. It has 5% ABV and is perfect for fall drinks.


Tower Cider offers an amazing variety of ciders that are perfect for any occasion. Some of the best ciders that they offer include cranberry apple cider, pumpkin cider, and pear apple cider. Other Tower 12 beers include: Red Ale, Pilsner, Pale Ale, and a variety of seasonal beers.