Types of Lifts Available for Disabled Persons in Australia

Even though the population of persons with disabilities is often limited to their private spaces or homes, technology has enabled them to lead active lives. You can now exercise, shop, go to parties, take classes, and exercise. One of the reasons this is possible is due to the different types of elevators available in the market. 

  • Swimming pool lift

Water therapy is a great way to relieve pain and tone muscles, but people with disabilities have a hard time getting in and out of the pool. Fortunately, pool lifts are available to help them move and find the relief they need without having to relax in the water. Swimming pool access solutions for disabled in indoor and outdoor units and are recommended by many physical therapists.

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  • Bathroom elevator

The bathroom lift is ideal for people with limited mobility. The elevator took them from the wheelchair to the bath. This prevents them from having to climb over the edge of the bath, which can be very dangerous. The bathroom lift is also a great way to provide privacy for persons with disabilities while showering.

  • Platform lift

The platform lift can be used by anyone, but it is especially useful for those using a wheelchair or scooter. Platform lifts are widely used to provide people access to vans, porches and basements, and are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Disabilities should not limit human activities. With the help of wheelchairs and mobility scooters, they can go anywhere and do all their favourite things.