Visiting Historical Naha City In Okinawa

Naha has numerous locations that have directly connected to the Ryukyu Kingdom and visitors can take pleasure in the nostalgic atmosphere of an earlier time. Follow this guideline to go through the rich history of Okinawa.

‘Naha City’ (also known as 那覇市 in the Japanese Language) has many facets. Naha was the principal port and hub of trade during the golden age of the Ryukyu Kingdom, where cultural elements from mainland Japan, China, Korea, and various other regions of Asia were combined to create something that was uniquely Okinawan. 

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It is still the bustling center of Okinawa’s main island with plenty to explore and do. With a vast monorail system and a taxi, one click away, exploring the various aspects of the capital city of the prefecture is now easier than ever. Get deep into Okinawan cultural heritage with short excursions of its culture and history as well as its art scene and its lively culinary traditions.

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