Why do builders rely on Australian made EPS products?

The expanded polystyrene (EPS) solution manufactured in Australia, is specified in several construction projects across the country. Local production, reliable supply chains, high tensile strength, fire safety and many environmental benefits are just some of the reasons why builders rely on EPS products to complete their projects efficiently, inexpensively and on time.

EPS polystyrene, produced at the Bayswater North plant in east Melbourne, will be supplied for the project. With the most modern equipment, engineers precisely cut h class waffle pod slab at https://nicsonsbp.com.au/products to the profiles specified by the main infrastructure project engineers in the specifications.

The EPS products are used by customers across Australia in residential and commercial construction projects. The Australian construction industry attaches great importance to the quality of EPS building materials

Residential and commercial builders in Australia rely on Australian made Styrofoam EPS blocks to provide high quality insulation for their projects. 100 percent EPS Styrofoam Blocks are made in Australia and can be shaped, cut or laminated to suit your specific application requirements.

Waffle Pods are a robust yet lightweight waffle gap system that has been developed specifically for applications in residential, commercial and industrial concrete slabs. The waffle Pod provides insulation and support under the slab while reducing the impact of ground movement and also reducing the amount of concrete required for construction.