Why Use CART Services And How It Works?

CART or Real-Time Communication Translation – also known as a real-time abbreviation – is a service that allows large audiences and hearing-impaired people to receive speeches in real-time. Certified CART providers use bespoke speech-to-text software to deliver text verbatim both locally and remotely.

This service is also called real-time subtitles, although the two services are slightly different. Many companies provides CART subtitle services by certified individuals with significant experience in the field.

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Why use CART?

While the main users of this service are deaf and hard-of-hearing people, CART is also used in many other places such as courts, large gatherings, group discussions, and more. The use of CART in place of the ASL interpreter is now questionable. 

Less than 2% of them use American Sign Language to communicate. Since the majority of the deaf don't understand or use ASL, services like CART offer a great alternative and an inexpensive way to get the message across.

How does it work?

CART providers at Languages Unlimited use a wall engine and advanced software to write phonetic transcriptions on their wall engine, which are then immediately translated into text. Our CART providers are certified to enter up to 250 words per minute with nearly 98% accuracy.

The text is then streamed for viewing across several options including laptops, large screens, and LED boards, as well as smartphones and the Internet. No special software is required for the user to view the text.