Picture of child at Choba Calabash Trust


Community Projects Africa has the following objectives and through these aims, believe that we can contribute towards supporting impoverished communities.

  • To relieve poverty, sickness and distress amongst people from socially and economically disadvantaged communities and in particular, people in Africa.
  • To develop the capability of said people in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meeting their needs to participate fully in society.
  • To relieve unemployment for public benefit in such ways as may be deemed fit.
  • To advance education through the provision of educational materials, supplementary education and other activities.
  • To promote environmental conservation, protection and improvement through recycling, reforestation, irrigation and other environmentally friendly activities.

CPA works very closely with the Non Governmental Organisation, the Association For Community Empowerment and Development (ACEDE), in Tanzania. We believe that working with such a local organisation significantly contributes to the success and sustainability of long term community projects, ensuring that all projects are backed and supported by the local people. To learn more about ACEDE and their work in Tanzania, please do visit their website, www.acedetz.org