A Faster Disability Evaluation System For Disabled Service Members

It is no secret that there needs to be quite a bit of reform in the disability rating system for the Department of Defense and Veterans' Affairs (VA). At present, there is no transparency in the process.

The Department of Defense (DoD) conducts its own disability evaluations, the VA conducts its own disability evaluations, separate systems cause confusion, and the process is extremely timely and divided. You can find the best disability service provider online.

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To help remedy this situation, there is a new pilot being tested called the disability evaluation system (DES) which consists of a single disability evaluation that is used to diagnose, rate, and compensate disabled members by both the DoD and the VA.

The pilot was developed jointly between the DoD and VA to help ill or injured service members obtain higher disability ratings, move along quickly in the process, and start receiving their payments faster.

The pilot program is also aimed at providing more transparency in the process, which helps service members get taken care of more quickly and leaves them feeling fairly treated.

The pilot is currently in five military bases and is set to open in 17 more bases by May 2009. Nearly 900 service members who are disabled have been through the DES pilot, and it is estimated that nearly 700 disabled service members a month will be able to go through the system when it reaches 22 military bases.

While nearly everything about the pilot seems wonderful and successful, some are worried about expanding the disability evaluation program too quickly without hiring and training additional staff for advocacy counseling.