Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Possums

The possums generally look like a mix of a rat & raccoon, but possums are actually most closely related to kangaroos & koalas. Despite being perceived as a pest by many, they are an important part of our ecosystem.  Are you wondering how to get rid of possums? To keep them from returning, you only need to take preventative measures.

In the upcoming paragraphs some of the popular options are discussed, let's have a look at them.

Professional Removal:

Contacting professionals opossum catchers in Sydney is one of the most popular methods for getting rid of possums. Because possums can be found in many protected areas, it is possible that only licensed professionals can safely remove and relocate them.

Possum control

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Possum Trapping:

If you have more than one possum living on your property, trapping is the best way to eliminate them. People prefer to use catch-and-release traps because this is the most efficient and humane way to eliminate them. Please note that trapping or relocating possums in your area may be illegal without a license. You may need to contact a professional.

Possum Repelling:

Repellents can be the most effective tool to rid yourself of possums. They are legal, safe, and humane. Respirators for possums don't usually require poisons or chemicals. They can also repel other pests such as raccoons and rabbits.

We encourage you to research the laws governing possum protection in your area before investing in traps or repellents.