How To Apply Ceramic Car Window Tint

Applying ceramic window tint to your auto glass can help you in a number of ways. Tinting the windshield provides privacy that you don’t normally get with your car window. You also get protection from ultraviolet rays. 

You can learn to apply ceramic tint to windows yourself or a professional can do it for you. You can also look for the best ceramic window tint online via

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How to apply ceramic window tint:

  • Get the right material for the job. You will need windshield dye, a knife, razor blade, wipers, bone tools, a hairdryer, and a spray bottle filled with soapy water.
  • Measure your car window. Take accurate measurements.
  • Cut ceramic window tint film to match the shape of the car window.
  • Clean the window that you will be working on first. Use soapy water to do this. If this isn’t clean enough, use a stronger spray. 
  • Now use the eraser on the same surface as the auto glass. The idea is to make the surface completely clean. Don’t skip this part of the process as obsessive. Cleaning windows is the most important part of the process.

If you are not comfortable with all of these tools, find a professional to work on your windows. If you are going to the professionals, make sure there are guarantees. This job is expensive, and you don’t have to pay for a ceramic window shade more than once.