How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot?

A Facebook Chatbot is an artificially intelligent piece of software that uses Artificial intelligence (A.I) to interact with consumers. Simply put, these artificially intelligent bots understand what a person is asking and can then formulate an appropriate reply in a more human manner.

As you probably already guessed, artificially intelligent bots are bound to completely transform the face of marketing, sales, and service and for the greater. Not only does a Messenger Bot provide a more efficient solution for handling repetitive questions (as well as generating sales leads), but it also saves time and costs for businesses. In short, it's an awesome new technology.

Bots are usually available through the Facebook Messenger application. However, if you're looking for a more comprehensive solution, it's possible to install a full-fledged Bot using either of the two methods described in this article, "Installing a Messenger Chatbot" "How to Build a Messenger Bot" respectively. The choice of which method you use is up to you and may not be compatible with your business environment.

Installing a Facebook Chatbot is relatively straightforward. You'll want to go to your account settings page and click "Apps & features" at the bottom of the page. There should be a section labeled "Bot", click on the tab that reads "Install a Bot". You'll be prompted to select the option available for installing a Bot and to give a brief description of what you want your Bot to do.

Once the description is complete, click on "Save" to confirm that you want to install a Bot. A new box will appear, click on the "Save button" and you're all set to start automating your business.

When a Messenger Bot is installed by a user, it becomes active immediately. This is very similar to the way a phone works, in that it allows users to access your business without having to actually open a web browser. Simply enter the web address you wish to send your product or service information to and then follow the simple instructions provided to receive a reply.

However, while a user may view your website on their computer while browsing on their mobile phone, they are likely more likely to see your web page on their browser, so they are less likely to read your full website. As a result, you can increase your reach to your potential clients by sending messages through your Messenger Chatbot in your Facebook profile.

To make your Facebook Messenger Bot even more useful, you could add a URL directly to the Facebook Messenger account. This is particularly useful when you want to create an email address so that people can find you on Facebook as well.

The Bot itself is designed to automatically respond to incoming messages. However, if you want to automate this process, you may want to use a third-party application such as Fuse.

In order to get started, simply install the Fuse software onto your device. It comes preloaded with a number of pre-made "messaging" applications that are easy to customize to your liking and is free of charge to download.

Now, you can add a Facebook Messenger Bot to your page. Just click on the Bot icon in the left corner of the screen and then click "add a bot". Fuse will automatically add a profile picture, an introduction, and a short description. Next, fill in the descriptions as per your needs.

When the profile is completed, click "send message" and insert your message into the message box provided. And when you are ready to send your message, simply click "send" and enter the code given by Fuse.