Reasons to Incorporate Drug Testing at the Workplace

With the increased abuse of alcohol and drugs at workplaces, employers today have started addressing this issue with great care. Thanks to the increased awareness and the strict regulations, employers are making sure that none of their employees are under any influence while at work. Being under influence at work is harmful not only for the individual but also for others. It automatically creates a destructive environment, prone to accidents and mishaps.

Why is Drug Testing Opposed?

Drug and alcohol testing is often perceived as an intrusion in the lives of the employees. Due to this reason, many of the trade unions have protested against testing. It is perceived as a violation of every individual's right to freedom and privacy; for example-cases where urine samples are taken. In most cases, the workers refuse to give the test. Consequently, if the employers do not have any reasonable ground, their demand is in vain.

Reasons for Conducting Drug Tests

Workplace Drug Testing is done in order to increase the level of safety at the workplace. Testing reduces the chances of any health hazards and accidents at the workplace. It helps to increase employee morale along with their productivity. Some of the reasons why employers implement drug testing are classified herein under:

Instilling the Fear of Demotion

One of the prime reasons for conducting these tests is to deter the employees from using drugs. The fright of getting demoted or losing their job will coerce them to stop consuming drugs. The fear of losing their financial security will drive them to the right path. It will directly result in a happier and safer work environment.

Pre-employment Testing

Many employers undertake pre-employment testing. The benefit of this is that it will prevent the hiring of those individuals who use illegal drugs, before the commencement of employment of any individual.