All You Need To Know About Last Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery refers to the final stage of supply chain operations. The way the product is picked up from the warehouse to the end customer's doorstep is known as last-mile delivery. This final step in the shipping process is the most critical and needs to be managed properly for prompt delivery.

Increasing consumer demand has prompted companies to develop strategies for this critical long-distance shipping step for fast and efficient delivery. Be it a private home or a retail business, the ultimate goal of the supply chain must be covered at lightning speed to sell more and more satisfied customers. You can also look for the top last mile delivery on the internet.

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As soon as a customer places an online order, their web browser or mobile app communicates directly with the retailer's or eCommerce provider's servers. Orders are sent to a central order management system, confirming stock availability and offering customers the option of paying online.

He then sends a request to the warehouse where it is located to deliver the product to the final customer. This is where the last mile usually begins. The shipper sends an agent to pick up the customer's goods from the warehouse

The agent then loads the package into his car and sends it to the designated hub. The supplier then picks up the shipment from the delivery center and delivers it to the customer's doorstep. 

There are many moving parts in the last-mile ecosystem, and the quality of last-mile performance is highly dependent on internal and external factors.