Taking Care Of Your Skin Is Vital For Your Health & Well-Being In Honolulu

The quest to maintain our skin silky soft, supple, and youthful searching for appearance's sake is historically old, but keeping our skin healthy is very important for our health and well-being.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, very similar to our kidneys and heart, thus we need non-toxic skin and hair to remain healthy. Thus by using natural body care products like bao-med pure oil bodywash your skin will remain healthy and fresh.

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The outer layers of the skin (skincare ) functions as a barrier against environmental components, by preventing toxins and germs from entering.

It functions as a natural barrier that protects the coating of the epidermis between the skin (which constitutes the surface layers of skin) against vulnerability, damaging viruses, bacteria, disease, injury, and harm.

The skin Consists of 5 sub-layers that operate together to constantly rebuild the surface of the skin and they're:

The Stratum Corneum (nucleus) is the upper layer of the skin and is made up of 10 to 30 thin layers of always shedding, dead keratinocytes packed closely together.

It functions as a significant barrier that protects the beneath layers to prevent molecules from passing into and from the skin and retains vital nourishment inside. It is vitally important since it keeps the moisture required for the skin to remain soft and elastic.

Additionally, it protects us from germs, germs, toxins, and other foreign materials. The nucleus controls all mobile activity. As we age the Statum Corneum breaks and cuts the interior layers from the nutrient source.

The Stratum Corneum thins, the skin loses moisture, mobile shedding slows, hydration cleanses, amino acids, proteins, and peptides, the building blocks of existence are barredskin loses elasticity and toxins, as well as other environmental components, go into our body.