The Art and Science of Social Services

Social service is a field that takes a person to various life situations as they try to help those who are less fortunate or who are unable to help themselves. Being a social worker requires a variety of skills and dedication. It is one that requires long hours of work and handling of situations wherein client demands are high. It also requires a mindset that can cope with changing situations and meeting deadlines whenever required. If you want to get more information about human & social services then you can visit at

In order to be a social worker, it is necessary to have a degree in social work. It is necessary for social work practitioners to have a license and to also e professionally registered. 

There are many types of social work and these include areas such as disability services, family and child welfare services, housing and homelessness services, and Gerontology services. There are many different types of associations available and these include the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW).

Crucial tasks that have to be performed by a worker include counseling and teaching. However, a social worker would also have to carry out other activities such s human services management, social welfare policy analysis, social and community development, and human services management.