Use Of Carbonless Book

Carbonless Book refers to the Carbonless Copy Paper and its products such as business forms. People are very familiar with that. We could find those kinds of office products used for recording anywhere in daily work and life.

You can also use carbonless paper printing services at your business.

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Following is the description of the Carbonless Copy Paper.

Normally the top sheet is coated on the back, called CB; the middle sheets on both sides, called CFB; and the bottom on the front only, called CF.

They can be used with normal Bank and Bond papers as top sheets. It is also called NCR Paper.

Based on the apparent color NCR Paper is classified as red, blue, yellow, green, and white. Blue or black color is shown on copy paper when impression happens. NCR Paper can be packed in flat and rolls.

After cutting, printing, and binding, NCR Paper will be applied to general recording books of production, sales, and salary of enterprises.

It is further classified as Sales Order Book, Purchasing Book, Invoice Book, book for credit memos and receiving forms, and other customized continuous or lose business forms.

It can be used for taxation recording book of all businesses such as banks and insurers, account book, receipts book, restaurant rook for catering and hospitality sector as hotel, restaurant, bar, club and motel, guest check pad, restaurant docket book, restaurant order pad, takeaway book.